Graphic Design Course in Kolkata

Learn this graphic design course in Kolkata to handle the demands of the digital printing and publishing industry.

The program is composed to teach the variation of graphic design for print media as well as the web.

Keyline Academy is a premier graphic design training center in Kolkata offering industry-ready courses.

We teach with practical projects so you get a real work experience.

Also, we provide the latest and most advanced courses so that you can get high-paying jobs.

Whether you are a job seeker looking to improve your skills or a small business owner, this course is made just for you.

Our graphic design training is not just about confusing theory. It is for practical, hands-on work.

After completing this course, you will get a valuable certificate from Keyline Academy.

That shows that you have acquired the latest Graphic Design skills.

Our training will prepare you to develop and execute an integrated design strategy.

It aligns you with industry needs and differentiates you from the competition.

So learn graphic concepts, frameworks, and tools to drive profitable growth for your business or career.


Advantages of the Graphic Design Course

  1. Obtain in-demand skills: Graphic designers are in high demand in industries ranging from marketing to publishing and education.
  2. Build your creative side: This is a highly creative field. Learning the graphic design course can help you develop your problem-solving and thinking skills.
  3. Get career flexibility: Graphic designers are flexible with work in various situations. Whether in-house at any company, as freelancing or as an entrepreneur.
  4. Develop a powerful portfolio: In this graphic design training, you can learn how to build a strong portfolio. It showcases your skills and abilities.
  5. Gain practical knowledge: We offer students the opportunity to work on practical projects with clients. It gives you a career or a job in leading design companies.

Graphic Design Course Modules


  1. Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. About Color Theory & Digital Painting
  3. About File Formats
  4. Learning Color Correction
  5. Image Crop & Resize
  6. Improving Photo Quality
  7. Image Restore & Retouch
  8. Learning Typography
  9. Composite Image Creation
  10. Making Effects
  11. Making Logos
  12. Creating Digital Illustrations
  13. Making Website Templates PSD
  14. Making Posters & Visiting Cards
  15. Creating Banners & Magazines
  16. Making Packaging Designs
  17. Corporate Design Creations
  18. Social Media Design
  19. Creating Interactive PDFs & Brochures
  20. Making Publication Designs

1st Class Industry Certificate

After successful completion of the course, students will achieve two industry-recognized certificates.


  1. ISO Certified Certificate by Keyline Academy
  2. Internship Certificate by Keyline DigiTech
  • Duration: 5+1 Months
  • Modules: 20
  • Certifications: 02
  • Mode: Online/Offline
  • Language: Preference
  • Skill Level: Advanced
Graphic Design Course